Vincent Bassett
Gender Male
Address Unknown
Eye color Dark Brown
Weight Unknown
Age 29, August 11th, 1985
Occupation Dealer of Collectables
Family Wendell Bassette (nephew)
Wilma Bassette (sister)
Richard Bassette (late brother)
Richard's wife (late sister-in-law)
Friends Toad
Interests Video games

Girls That are hot

First Appearance Vinnie and Wendell
Portrayer Jerry Trainor

Vincent Bassette, more commonly known as Vinnie, is the uncle of Wendell Bassette and the brother to Wendell's aunt, Wilma, and the late Richard Bassette. Vinnie is asked to guard over Wendell after Richard and his wife, or Wendell's parents, are involved in a car accident, costing them both of their lives. As revealed in promos and episodes, Vinnie may not seem like a fit guardian, though proving himself worthy after his mistakes and fixing them, showing he lives up to his title.


Vinnie, though is an adult, is still a child at heart. He occasionally acts his age and enjoys being a playful spirit. This can conflict his relationship with his nephew Wendall, who is a child yet acts as a mature adult. Vinnie enjoys video games and other hobbies usually favored by youth. He can easily change his personality given the event faced his way, from childish to mature.


Vinnie has tan skin along with long brown hair and eyebrows. He has black eyes. He wears different color shirts, those usually being long sleeved with a T-shirt under them. He is always seen wearing jeans and other denim. He is either seen wearing tennis shoes or clogs.He likes to curse. He's very attractive to women.


  • Vinnie and Wendell (pilot)
  • Rule Breakers & Date Makers
  • Mock Law & Order
  • Abra & Cadabra
  • Valentine's & the Cultural Experience
  • Big Dogs & Bicycles

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