Wendell and Vinnie is the pilot of the show. It aired on February 16, 2013.


Vinnie Bassett is guardian of his twelve year old nephew Wendell Bassett. After his parents dies he became his legal guardian. Vinnie tries to ask out his new neighbor Taryn out, but she refuses.Taryn, lives right in front of them. When Wendell is bullied in school because of his intellectual appearance, Vinnie tries to help him getting more popular by teaching him to ride a skateboard. But in the park, Vinnie talks to Taryn and Wendell gets hurt. Wilma comes to the hospital to visit her nephew. Social Services is coming to investigate, whether Vinnie is a good guardian. Taryn helps him to prepare and cooks dinner containing peanuts to what Wendell is allergic. So he has to go to the hospital again, where the inspector from Social Services Department sees the emergency room reports, he wants to give Wendell to Wilma but then realizes that Vinnie was the patient. So Vinnie stays guardian of Wendell. Vinnie goes to school the next day and the cool kids tease him. Then he says he broke his arm from skateboarding. Then the cool kids all stay to talk to him and he was considered cool with his 5 minuets of fame. But he was right about to be bullied again when he was about to talk about his scrapbooking program he has downloaded. Which was totally geeky. But then saved himself.

Charecters  ______________________________________________________________________________________

  • Wendell Bassett
  • Vinnie Bassett
  • Wilma Bassette
  • Taryn
  • Cool Kids

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