Wendell Bassette is a bright student and uncool. His parents got into an accident, so now his Uncle Vinnie looks after him. He is played by Buddy Handleson.

His AppearanceEdit 16:59, August 29, 2013 (UTC)My Butt

Wendell is peach with blue eyes and combed blonde hair.His hair has a little darkness in the back. He has a big great smile with his head always up!



  • He is allergic to nuts.
  • He broke his arm skateboarding.
  • His parents died.
  • His Uncle Vinnie is looking after him
  • His father's name is Richard Bassett
  • He downloaded a scrapbooking softwere
  • He loves magic
  • He dosen't want to change
  • He thinks a surfboard is an ironing board
  • He dresses very officently
  • He loves his family
  • Lives in an apartment
  • Taryn is his friend
  • Wendell likes homework
  • He gets bullied
  • He has been to the principals office only once
  • He's been to detention one in his whole life

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