Wilma Bassette
Gender Female
Address Unknown
Eye color Light Blue
Weight Unknown
Age 40-50 (Guess)
Occupation Lawyer
Family Wendell Bassette (nephew)
Vinnie Bassette (Brother)
Richard Bassette (late brother)
Richard's wife (late sister-in-law)
Interests Men
First Appearance Vinnie and Wendell
Last Appearance N/A
Portrayer Nicole Sullivan

Main Description

Wilma Bassette is a woman who wants to have a relationship. She has dated a lot of men but all have dumped her. She was so desprate she lied on her dating profile. She said she was in her 20 I think she said she was 27. But actually she's much older. 

Thoughts On Vinnie Bassette (Brother)

Wilma thinks that Vinnie is irresponsible adult. He acts like a 5 year old. She also thinks he's a bad influence on Wendell. Wilma thinks she should be the leagal guardian of Wendall. From my opinion neither of them should be his leagal guardian of Wendell. There both preposterous. Vinnie dosen't support Wendell's intrest in magic. That's an important thing in life. They both want to change each other. Vinnie wants to Wendell to be cool. But you never know kids that are cool can eventually take drugs or harass people and get traped in jail.

Relationship With Wendell Bassette

Wendell is Wilma's nephew. She loves him with all her heart. Enpven when it means breaking his guardians precepts. For example, when Vinnie wanted Wendell not to have any like of magic and to take surfing lessons even though he didn't want to take the lessons aunt Wilma took Wendell to the Hollywoood Magic Store and bought him a $450.00 magic thingy. But we all know they have a healthy and happy relationship.

Relationship with Wendell's parents

Wendell's parents are Willma's brother and sister in law. Wilma's brother is Richard Bassette.And we all know the family was great. But eventually Wedell's parents had a horrible accident and they died.

Wilma's CareerWilma's a lawyer. She's handled many cases and is very helpful. But you never know Vinnie might just accidently ruin something very important. For example, Vinnie told their competion at the goldilocks vs. the three bears trial their plan. 

Love life

Wilma's a single non-parent adult. Crazy to have a husband she's very desprate even having to die on her dating profile. She has had many break up's that's not a surprise cause she looks like a 50 year 

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